Monday, 2 July 2012

First Blog!

Hello! So this is my first blog and it's going to be all about food. Why? Well first off I love food. Who doesn't? Kinda need it in order to live. Hehe. Second, I think it's amazing how creative people can be, especially with food. Personally, I would hate being a chef because seeing my masterpiece disappear would kinda suck...but on the other hand it would be very satisfying to see it disappear because someone enjoyed it. I was going to first start off the blog with the first dish I had after I was done finals, but I didn't take any that doesn't work. Also I'm very lazy right now and I just wanted to get the blog up and running. 

I'm sure the only people who are reading my blog right now are probably my friends...hahaha! so a shout out to you guys! thanks for following/reading! la-la-laave you guys! <3

I shall upload pictures soon! Peace! 

                                                                      - JLoo

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